Wednesday, September 19, 2012

QUILTER-"the JD and Harley t-shirt quilt"

"Who was playing with my rotary cutters?!?!?" This was not an uncommon phrase shouted upstairs from my mom's sewing room while I was growing up. "They will cut your fingers RIGHT OFF!!" This threat never stopped me then and still has yet to work much at all. I will say that my use of those blades has shifted over the years. 
ORIGINAL USE_cutting the hair off my sisters barbies.
CURRENT USE_cutting up t-shirts and fabric for quilt designs.
I have grown up in some ways, but refuse to completely. 

This is the latest quilt added to my portfolio. One of my mom's customers wanted a t-shirt quilt made out of her late fathers clothing. As you have probably guessed, this is one of my more manly quilts. Jack Daniels and Harley Davidson, pretty much the manliest of combo's right? I'm sure there are some great stories behind all of this fabric. One of my favorite games while doing these t-shirt quilts is to make up stories about what you can infer about people by the type of clothes they had. I feel like I would have liked this guy. Some of the squares included range from "the worlds greatest grandpa" sweatshirt to the pocket off his Ford warehouse jumpsuit. The rest of the fabric consists of flannel shirts, dress pants and jackets, sweats, dress shirts, and shorts. Overall, I'm really happy with the way this top turned out. I hope my mom's client can look at the finished product, and just think of all the wonderful memories she has of her father that she can now cuddle up with every night. Especially now with the great Fall weather were having. So in the end, not only did I get to help someone add a beautiful piece of artwork to their home, of which they can look at reminisce about grandpa, but I also got to spend an awesome night with the momma working into the weeee hours of the morning. What a blessing!! Until next time............dan

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

INTERN ARCHITECT: Independence Excavating

IX Lobby Entrance
College loans are dragon that I will be slaying for a long time, and for the first time in my young career I am seeing the fruits of all those AES and FAFSA loans paying off. Last week I was able to visit the first place in which construction documents have risen out of the earth into a tangible structure. One of the main reasons I switched majors from nursing to architecture was because I always wanted to see my dream house come to life, so I could walk around like Howard Roark in triumph from designing a structure that rose from the earth as if it had been waiting for someone to expose its beauty to the world. While the lobby entrance to Independence Excavating is not my harmonious convergence of man and nature it is the first time I was able to see my hours of CAD work on construction documents, and my firms title project come to life. I always wondered what it would be like to see a project I had been a part of become an actual enveloped space. I will never forget how I couldn't put down my I-Phone snapping pictures left and right, and uploading them to directly to Instagram so all four of my followers (two of which are my fiance' and lil sister) can be informed of my gratifying experience. I have been royally blessed by The Big Man throughout my life, and this is just another blessing to add to the list. All I can hope and pray is that there are many projects to be excited about in the future. I love the idea of helping clients make their dreams become realities by designing spaces they will get to inhabit for years to come. I may have only been a CAD monkey, and not a lead designer for this project, but it was still a dream come true to see what people are capable of creating in this date and time. Stay tuned for more pics and updates on the finished product. Until next time......dan
AMERICA!! Tastes like liberty!!