Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed day with the ones that they love! 
If you don't.....Chalk it up as a typical Valentines Day, look at this picture, and smile!! lol

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Monday, February 10, 2014


Let's go back to the three week Holiday Extravaganza!!!


DEC 17th
-Picked up Julia at the airport around 9 pm!!! Let the fun begin!!
-Had to hit up alki beach and the local west seattle taco truck!! Taqueria La Fondita
Looking at Seattle from Alki Beach!!!
Julia @ SEATAC
DEC 18th
-Decided I would wake up and make some of my famous (claimed by me) french toast for my ladies.
-Wednesday night we just chilled in at home and watched GLEE of course and had a house dinner/community night.
Made the ladies some magical french toast...... My specialty!

DEC 19th

-While trying to work during the day we had to plan stuff during the evening and this was the first surprise we had for Julia which I was so excited about. We went to Wild Lights at the Woodland Park Zoo to mix it up with a great Christmas light display and some crazy animals. 
Of course Julia found her elephant and Rachel doesn't know what to do with her hands!!
The girls found antlers and thought they were claiming territorial rights!
DEC 20th
-After the workday was over of course we had to get some last minute Christmas shopping in so we hit up the local mall and small town shops to get our last minute gifts!!!
-When we got back we had Julia open one of her gifts early. An UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER cookie challenge!! That was so much fun and hopefully we can carry on the tradition every year.
Julia opening her first gift!! UGLY SWEATER COOKIE CHALLENGE!!
They look so pretty!! Nice sweater JUICE!!
Our final results!! Eating them is so much faster!!
DEC 21st
-The weekend finally hit and we were able to do some exploring through the state! We decided to make the 2.5 hr drive out to Leavenworth, WA for their annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. What an amazing adventure!! The drive itself was so beautiful. The trail to Leavenworth includes a trek through the mountains on RT 2 and that was the first time we had been up that way. We were excited to finally enjoy some snow on the other side of the mountains and see what Jack Frost could throw at us. For all who don't know Leavenworth is a small Bavarian village through and through. The smell of brats, pretzles, and fresh brewed beer filled the air as people crammed together to keep warm and peruse through the shops in anticipation of the sun setting into the bright lights of Christmas! 
Driving Through the mountains!
Drive to Leavenworth!!
So many people waiting for lights to transform the town!!
And then there was LIGHT!
And were the three best friends that anyone could have!!
One day it will be mine...oh will be mine!
Snack for the Ride HOME!

until next time.....

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Three weeks of Events to Show Julia Seattle and the Pacific NW!!

Things have obviously been crazy over the last three months or so since my last post and I can make all the excuses in the world, but I just didn't make time to post. It's definitely not because life has been slow. The next series of posts I will try to catch ya'll up on what has been going on since October and try to stay up to date with "current events" as well.

Let's start with the three weeks we got to spend with my youngest sister Julia!! We were fortunate enough to have her visit over her first winter break in college. Julia followed my footsteps and is currently a freshmen at Kent State University (GOLDEN FLASHES!!!) I am so proud of the way she is adapting to her new life there and it was an amazing blessing to be able to steal her from family and friends over the holidays to show her the greater Seattle area and beyond.  The crazy planner in me decided to print out a schedule to see how much we can fit in during the time that she was here as show above. lol  Keep checking in throughout the week as I try to pull together some pictures from her visit and show you all how beautiful the PACIFIC NW actually is.  I promise you everything you have probably heard is true, well except for the amount of "rain" they get here. That is definitely a huge lie!! Stay Tuned!!!!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014


     I am really trying to get better at this blog posting thing, but sometimes its not as easy as life can catch up with me really fast.  Especially considering all of the hobbies that I love to get carried away with. So please keep checking in to see the new stuff I am working on!!!!
     The crafty side of me has picked up some tricks of the quilting trade from the years I have spent watching @momsekerak start her own business and spend hours doing what she loves.  Fully knowing that the quilting industry is female dominated, I justify my enjoyment out of it by blaming the endless sleepless nights in architecture studio crafting small scale building models.  The hands on craft is something I have taken to and seem to have a knack for.  

     All that being said, I now find myself out here in Seattle with one of my moms old berninas quilting away.  I have no idea how many quilts I have made, but one I have designed lately is going to get me into my first legit publication and its all mom's fault. lol  I was working on a new quilt and texted @momsekerak some pics and she fell in love with the idea.  She told me that I should submit it to a magazine and after I was done laughing at her I realized that she was serious.  Long story short I sent some PDF's of my design to Modern Quilts Unlimited and a couple weeks later I found out that they were interested in placing my design into their Summer 2014 issue!!!! How sweet is that?  The magazine hooked me up with some free Moda fabric to use for the quilt in turn for advertising their merch and now I just have to crank out the design into real life.  The manly side of me would obviously prefer to be in a hunting or fishing magazine, but I'll take it where I can get it. hahaha  As I currently have the quilt on the table in studio_DS soon I will be mailing it to @momsekerak and COTTAGE GARDEN QUILTS to be quilted and sent to MQU with instructions for the SUMMER 2014 issue.  I am so thankful for this opportunity and can't wait to start working on some new stuff.  Check back in for an update to see the quilt after its published and be sure to go get the SUMMER issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited and see what the mother son duo has created!!  Keep checking in to see what other stuff we can pull out of our hat!! 

Until next time.......