Saturday, March 22, 2014


Well I finally go sick and tired of having to crawl around on the floor rearranging/designing patterns. I guess my old age is creeping up on me! Yikes! I got the bug the other day to move the furniture around in my office (at least the 10th time since we moved to Seattle) and make room for a design wall. 

Let me set the mood for you. Sometimes I get a little weird if I don't have anything to do, so I make things to do. I need a good project every once in awhile to let my mind rest and what better to accomplish that feet than a trip to THE HOME DEPOT. I stopped in and bought some sheets of foam insulation and a couple rolls of adhesive Velcro. Next stop was Joann of course where I bought some cheap cotton fabric to wrap around the insulation before I hung it up on the wall. The meaning of the fabric was two fold 1. A nice solid gray color gives you a great neutral to contrast your designs and 2. No way was I going to hang bright pink panels up in my office/mancave! 


1. Find a blank wall.

2. Cut rigid insulation panels to desired size

3. Cut fabric to size of each panel and wrap around rigid insulation boards. I used duct tape to adhere to the back sides tightly and then used a staple gun to further secure fabric and tape to board.

4. Measure desired wall area for panels to fit evenly in center and at height where you can easily hang any projects. Then apply double sided Velcro pieces to back of each panel and hang em up!

5. Admire your blank canvas for a couple minutes and then actually put unfinished projects up so you see them everyday and maybe finish them.

Until next time gang......



  1. .......and the mama can't wait 'till she gets hers!!! Good job, buddy!! <3

    1. Thanks mom! Luckily now you have a method to follow yourself! lol or maybe I can help!

  2. Wish I had wall space in my craft area! It's lined with cabinets which is great for storage...horrible for dreaming/arranging!

    1. Who needs storage!?!?! Let it all spread across the room. It's part of your creative license to make a mess!! I will say the wall is so much easier to rearrange patterns on tho!!